The Chinese-American Chemical Society Southwest Chapter (CACS-SW) is soliciting submissions for Student Poster Contest in conjunction with the CACS-SW Fall Picnic. We encourage and welcome your participation in the contest.

The posters will be judged based on the following criteria:
(1) Technical content
(2) Poster organization and appearance
(3) Presenting performance

The following prizes will be awarded to the best entries:

First prize: $200 (1)
Second prize: $100 (2)
Third prize: $50 (3-5, to be determined)

Awards will be presented during the Fall Picnic. Awardees are required to be present to receive their awards.

Posters should adhere to the following content and format:

1. Poster topic must concern chemistry/chemical engineering/energy/materials science
2. One poster entry per student

Please bring hard copy posters to the picnic for presentation and judgment.

This annual program is designed to recognize academically talented high school students who are in one of the southwest states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wyoming). Each year we can have up to three students to receive this special recognition. Members are given the opportunity to nominate their high school child who is in 9th to 11th grade and has a track record of academic excellence. Selection of the winners is based on composite scores of Rank in Class, PSAT/SAT or ACT, achievements in extracurricular activities, teacher’s recommendation, and the student essay. The students with the highest scores are named as "President's Scholars" for the year. They will be invited to attend a special CACS event to receive a recognition plaque and a cash award.

The details of 2018 program as well as the application form are attached. Key information regarding the program is as follows:


To apply for the CACS President’s Scholar, a student must:
1) Be a full-time student in the 9th to 11th grade
2) Demonstrate academic excellence
3) Have at least one parent who is a SW-CACS member


1) Application form (file)
2) Your last Report Card and document showing Cumulative GPA
3) List of extracurricular activities and awards received
4) Copy of PSAT/SAT or ACT test report, if applicable
5) One recommendation letter from your teacher
6) An essay describing an unique experience of being a Chinese American HS Student (~600 words)

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Wei Wang (tarheelww@gmail.com).