R&D Manager and Engineer
Polymer specialty, Chemical engineering  and technology,
Masters or Doctorates with fluent Chinese and good computer skills. Applicants with working experience in the field of polyurethane or bio-pharmaceutical are given priorit
Overseas Sales manager and salesman
International trade, Marketing, Chemical, Bio-pharmaceuticals, Finance, Legal
University graduates with bachelor degree or above with good communication and negotiation skills,smart thoughts and overall consciousness. The persons with the working experience in multinational company are given priorit.

山东一诺威聚氨酯股份有限公司成立于2003年10月,下设有4个 子公司:山东一诺威新材料有限公司、上海东大聚氨酯有限公司、上海东大化学有限公司、山东一诺威化学贸易有限公司。我公司依托于技术研发、原料产业链、生 产规模三大优势,致力于打造中国领先、世界一流的环氧丙烷、环氧乙烷下游衍生物及专业的聚氨酯制造商。目前公司是一家拥有800多名员工,销售收入超过25亿元,在新三板挂牌上市是高新技术企业。

Shandong INOV Polyurethane Co., Ltd., established in October 2003, including Shandong INOV New Materials Co., Ltd, Shanghai Dongda Polyurethane Co., Ltd, Shanghai Dongda Chemical Co., Ltd and Shandong INOV Chemical Trading Co., Ltd. Relying on technology R & D , the raw material industry chain and outputting scale advantages, INOV Polyurethane is committed to be the China leading, world-class, professional PO, EO downstream derivatives manufacturer. As a high - tech enterprise, it has been listed in the three new board,with more than 800 staff and more than 2.5 billion RMB income.

公 司拥有先进的经营模式,优秀的员工队伍,规范的市场体系,已经发展成为聚氨酯及其上游产业链完备的集团式企业。公司产品涵盖弹性体、铺装材料、聚氨酯组合 料、聚羧酸减水剂、表面活性剂、防水材料、聚醚和聚酯等多个体系,被广泛应用于居家、建筑、交通、工业生产及运动休闲等领域,销售网络遍及全国各地,远销 美国、俄罗斯、西班牙、澳大利亚、韩国、中东以及东南亚等六十几个国家和地区。公司已经在迪拜、俄罗斯设有办事处,并陆续将在印度、越南、德国以及美国建 立办事处或者研发中心。

With advanced management, excellent team, normative market system, INOV has grown to be a professional group which has a complete product chain specialized in polyurethane and its upstream material. The products include PU elastomer,PU paving material,PU foam, polycarboxylic acid water-reducer, surface active agent, waterproof material,polyether and polyester etc, being widely used in home, building, transportation, industrial production, sports leisure, and some other fields. Products sales network has covered all over China and its products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, including America, Russia, Spain, Australia, Korea, Middle east and south-east Asia etc. INOV company has established offices in Dubai and Russia,beside that,it will establish offices or R&D centers in India , Vietnam ,Germany and USA.


Always being adhering to the concept of "create first-class team and cultivate first-class talents", INOV company strengthens the team building through various training and successfully build a high quality management team with the same thoughts, the same goals and the exactly same action, to keep the company’s development sustainable, rapid and healthy. We are moving toward the goal of "China's leading, world-class" full speed ahead!

一、企业介绍Company Profile

1. 技术研发经理及工程师R&D Manager and Engineer:


He or she will response for improving the product quality and optimizing the process, also for quality management and customer service for current products including polyurethane, polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent, surfactants etc.


Revolving around the company's existing products, upgrade products, conduct market research about new products, new direction & new areas and responsible for product development and promotion combined with overseas office markets, including the products R & D in the biological pharmaceutical field and after-sales service etc.


Responsible for the preparation of R & D center laboratory of overseas offices, including site selection, team building and research topic etc.


Provide the relevant information for completing the technology R & D and product positioning strategy for overseas offices market.

2. 外贸销售经理及业务员 Overseas Sales manager and salesman:


He or she will response for market development for current products including polyurethane, polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent, surfactants etc.


Establish different kind of sales channels, business developments, advertising promotion and complete the market layout by the means which is allowed in overseas.


Well conduct market research about polyurethane, polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent, surfactants etc. and feed back the information from customers for new products development.


Complete the site selection of overseas offices and team building in accordance with the local legal  and ruels.


 To complete the overseas market layout and company annual plans and goals.

四、工作地点 Working Place:

美国  上海     USA  Shanghai



Competitive salary treatment at home and abroad is higher than the local average wage level, which is in a similar position. More details by talking personally.


   联系人:代金辉   18653363007    邮箱:daijinhui@inovpu.com




   Contact: Mrs. Dai  Mobile: +86-18653363007, E-mail: daijinhui@inovpu.com
   Website: Shandong INOV Polyurethane Co., Ltd.  www.inov-pu.com

            Shandong INOV New Materials Co., Ltd  www.inov-chem.com

           Shanghai Dongda Polyurethane Co., Ltd  www.sh-dongda.com

INOV Polyurethane Recruitment for Overseas Students

INOV Polyurethane Recruitment Plan for Overseas Students


三、岗位职责  Post Responsibility

二、岗位需求 Post Demand